Welcome To House Sound Of LA

House Sound Of LA is an established house music label dedicated to all things house. Whwther it be deep, soulful, afro, funky or jacking this is where you can find it. Established in 2009 it has go on to become a globally known house music label featuring many artists. The goal is to bring a global house vibe to Los Angeles through working with national and international house artists. Distributed by MediaServicesNYC, HSOLA is represented in the digital market in every major city.

In the past HSOLA had opened its doors to harder forms of house. I this new HSOLA era the focus will be deep, soulful, jazzy, afro and funky. We feel that we can do a better job of promoting, and supporting our artists if we focus our attention on the markets we know and love. We are always on the look out for great music and are open hearing new material from new up and coming artists. Simply send us a link to your house music and we will give it a good listen. If it fits within our specifications we will be open to possibly releasing it. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT

Welcome To House Sound Of LA


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